About Zach Pilchen

zach-pilchenAs a student at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon, Zach Pilchen performs as a leader among his peers. With a grade point average (GPA) of 3.63, he currently stands in the top 6.7% of his class. Zach Pilchen has achieved uninterrupted dean’s list ranking throughout his law studies and has earned top grades in Advanced Legal Writing and Environmental Law.

Zach Pilchen has also excelled in extracurricular activities. As a member of the Environmental Law Review’s Ninth Circuit Review during his second year, Mr. Pilchen authored several case summaries in the publication. He now serves as an Associate Editor of the journal. He has also competed in several levels of moot court, including the 2012 National Moot Court Competition. His team was one of two to progress from the regional competition to the national finals, where the brief he co-authored received the third-highest score. A year earlier, he had excelled at the Lewis & Clark First Year Moot Court Program, where he earned the top awards for Outstanding Oral Advocacy and Outstanding Appellate Brief.

Recognized by Lewis & Clark Law School as an outstanding student, Zach Pilchen performs teaching assistant duties for students in the school’s Advanced Legal Writing course. In this role, he advises upper level law students in composing demand letters, judicial opinions, complaints, and other legal documents. During the prior academic year, his own second year of study, he assistant taught in the school’s First Year Legal Writing class.

In addition to his classroom studies, Zach Pilchen has completed two honors law clerkships with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. He has contributed to the Agency’s Office of Compliance as well as its Office of Civil Enforcement. Mr. Pilchen plans to continue his professional service in the spring of 2013, when he will assist the local U.S. Attorney’s Office with prosecutions of criminal misdemeanors under federal environmental laws.


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