About the ABA’s Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources

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American Bar Association
Image: americanbar.org

A graduate of George Washington University Law School, Zach Pilchen earned a master of laws degree in energy and environmental law. A member of the American Bar Association, Zach Pilchen belongs to the Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources (SEER), and writes for their annual publication “Year In Review.”

A section of the American Bar Association, the Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources, was created to help attorneys who specialize in those areas serve the public interest by providing them with the most current analysis and information. Open to law students, young lawyers, and established American Bar Association attorneys, SEER membership offers several benefits, including continuing legal education courses and access to an online directory.

To help members connect with each other and further the legal needs of different environmental, energy, and resource law topics, SEER also has 34 different committees, from agricultural management to smart growth and green buildings. The agricultural management committee has been in operation for more than 20 years and deals with issues that directly effect several different agricultural areas, including livestock and biotechnology. The smart growth and green buildings committee is dedicated to the point at which environmental issues and urban planning intersect, especially the legal challenges that may arise during land development.


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