California to Reduce Greenhouse Emissions Even Further in Coming Years

Greenhouse Emissions pic

Greenhouse Emissions

Environmental lawyer Zach Pilchen recently attained his master of laws in energy and environmental law with highest honors from George Washington University Law School. As part of his personal and professional interest in environmental matters, Zach Pilchen closely follows new developments in environmental law around the nation.

A longtime leader in environmental protection, the State of California recently extended its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In 2006, the state passed Assembly Bill 32. This statute declared the state’s intention of dropping emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, and established regulatory guidelines to bring about those changes.

Ten years later, in September 2016, Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation ratcheting up the state’s landmark greenhouse gas plan. Already on track to meet the 2020 goal, California will now attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 40 percent below the 1990 level benchmark by 2030.

To meet this ambitious goal, the state intends to continue to encourage zero-emission vehicle use and improve energy efficiency in existing buildings. Additional programs and regulations will help the state work toward the new climate goals, though many of these initiatives have yet to be announced.


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