California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act Dies in Senate

Environmental law

Environmental law


Attorney Zach Pilchen uses his legal training to support environmental causes across the United States. In the past, Zach Pilchen has played a role in litigation against companies who fail to follow environmental law.

Senate Bill 1161, otherwise known as the California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act of 2016, has been killed in the state senate after lawmakers declined to take the bill up before its deadline in early June. If passed, the law would have allowed legal action against institutions that intentionally mislead the public about climate change.

Proponents of the bill noted that the legislation would have served as a tool to help prosecutors pursue legal action against companies that actively worked to “confuse consumers and fend off competition from lower-carbon energy sources,” despite overwhelming scientific evidence of the dangers of climate change. This bill would have allowed prosecutors to sue these institutions on the grounds that such misinformation constitutes unfair competition. It also would have changed the statute of limitations on certain violations to “no limit,” thereby allowing the government to hold corporations accountable for environmental crimes that occurred at any point in the past.


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