The Benefits of Data Management

More and more business leaders are enlisting companies like iTech US to help them find ways to use their data more efficiently and effectively. In many cases, a company’s data can be likened to an untapped gold mine that lies right under its feet.

According to Harvard University, about 2.5 exabytes of data were created every single day in 2012. That number is expected to double every few years or so. However, while many companies generate a large amount of data, as much as 80 percent of it is not organized in a way that can be useful in gleaning information about a business’s health. With a better system in place, many businesses could use the data they generate to become more efficient and successful – perhaps by gaining insight into their customers’ decisions, or identifying weak points in a supply chain.

This is where outside consultants like iTech US come in. Because each company and industry is different, businesses benefit from individually tailored plans, and even customized software, that turn unstructured data into “business intelligence.” When performed effectively, this service is a boon to managers and executives, and can provide a big boost to a company’s efficiency and growth.


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